Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

I always wonder if I would have breastfed Cannon longer than the fourteen months that I did had I not been pregnant with Opal.  It was so sweet nursing him to sleep and then one day he went to bed without me and that was that.  I feel like I missed a lot of sweet, tender moments with him during my pregnancy with Opal as she was quite hard on me:)  Though Cannon is very educated when it comes to "Mommy's boobies" he's never tried to nurse me since Opal's been born.  He's been in a "Mommy" mode lately.  Today he told Opal, "No, no, no, Opal, I want to see Mommy!"  So at night when I'm putting Opal to bed in her room, nursing her, Cannon comes in ever so sweetly.  "Hey Mommy.  I want to sit beside you.  I want to snuggle you."  It just melts my heart.  So I told him he could sit on the bed beside me and lay his head on my shoulder. So there we are, Opal in my arms nursing, and Cannon on my shoulder snuggling.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  Now almost nightly he comes in with his blanket while I'm nursing Opal, and says in the sweetest two-year-old voice, "I want to put my head on your shoulder, Mommy."  Well, climb on up here, baby.  And there we sit, the three of us snuggling.  Precious moments that I'll cherish always. 

On a side note, Cannon's booby vocabulary can be quite hilarious.  Cannon knows his full name is Cannon Michael Martin.  Sometimes he refers to himself as "Cannon Michael Tractor." Chris was teasing him today calling him, "Cannon Michael Who" (referencing the Grinch).  So Cannon says, "Cannon Michael WHO. Cannon Michael BOO.  Where's YOUR booby, Mommy? Under your shirt!  Where's your milk, Mommy? Under your shelter!"