Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pregnancy Pet Peeves aka Triple P

When you tell people you're pregnant one of the first things they ask you is, "Were you trying?" I cringe at this question every time! I always want to come back with a smartass answer like, "Well, we were having sex." And then proceed to go into the gory details. Or, "No, we accidentally had sex. We didn't mean to." I mean ultimately it is a good possibility that the outcome of sex will be creation of a baby. But I'm not going to get any more into that. I usually just smile and giggle and say something like, "Well, we just thought we'd see what would happen." (by having "unprotected" sex!) That's #1.

2. It's time to announce you're pregnant (you being the one that's actually going to birth the child). You and the baby daddy say together at the same time, "We're pregnant!" WE???? um excuse me, were you gagging this morning while you were brushing your teeth? Did you get up five plus times in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? Have you gained ten pounds already? (Well, probably yes b/c you're having "sympathy" cravings! whatever). Are your boobs spilling out of your bra? I'm pregnant and yes you helped and yes you will be there to love and support me and help raise our child, but you my friend are not pregnant. Therefore you are not allowed to use the term, "We're pregnant!"

3. Slang for "pregnant." Really? preggo (Isn't this a spaghetti sauce?) , preggers (sounds like chiggers), bumpies, (do I have the mumps?) Whatever happened to the good ol fashioned terms for being pregnant? with child, bun in the oven, knocked up? I might as well start referring to the baby as the fetus in my uterus or I could make is slang and say the feet in my ute. Well, no, that's silly and absurd as are some of the aforementioned slang terms in my opinion. Let's call a spade a spade: I'm pregnant.

4. In addition to slang there are acronyms as well. For example, I couldn't help myself and logged onto (another slang!) and kept seeing the abbreviation TTC. What is TTC? Well I finally figured out that it is short for "Trying to Conceive" Honestly? I don't even know what to say. This just seems a little demeaning of what for many people is a sensitive issue. It shouldn't bear a "tag" like TTC.

5. To each his own. People keep asking me where my belly pictures are. Well, they are non existent. For some people this is cute and acceptable. For myself, I do not feel so inclined to do so. I usually respond by asking if they'd like to see a picture of my ever expanding nippular area. Now that is worth documenting! Good Grief! Really though, when I get good and pregnant (meaning full term) I would like to have pictures taken with my belly and my husband to remember this special time.

6. Do you know what it is yet? Yes, it's a baby!!

To be continued....