Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yogi Panda

Well, thank goodness for yoga Wednesdays! Last week there was a big crowd which I think it is great that more people want to take up yoga, but I kinda like the smaller crowd better. I'm able to concentrate more. I'm glad one of my work friends has decided to join me every week! This week I've been a little "off" if you will. I missed two meetings at work! All because I was in my own little world not paying attention to what's going on. Evidently I didn't miss much, though. I'm looking forward to clearing my mind at yoga tonight so maybe that will help me think more clearly. One perk for working for the government is MLK day coming up. Thank goodness Martin had a dream! It's gonna be a cold one so bundle up.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death Becomes Us

Death is a strange thing. We all know it's coming, but there's nothing we can do to prepare for death--that of a loved one, or our own. It's very emotional, traumatic, and awkward. Death is shocking--even if you know today is the day that it's "coming." Wow, I just saw that person yesterday, I just talked to him, her, I just hugged that person. Now, I'll never physically see that person again. No one ever knows what to say when a loved one dies. What can you say? Close friends and family will mourn with us, but sooner or later we start to act like nothing ever happpened. Well, yes that was hard to lose a family member, but it's been three months now, why are we still talking about it? Because it's still fresh. Because it still hurts. Because it happened. Death is such a hush, hush topic. Don't bring it up. Don't remind that person that he or she lost someone. I think we have to talk about it. Death is a natural part of our life cycle. Sure some people feel invincible and may feel like they will live forever. Some people even spend their whole lives preparing for death. Preparing for the "next world." Heaven to most people I presume. Many people use that as a comfort. "Well, we know she's with the good Lord now." "God was ready for her." "He needed her more than you do." "This is a test of your faith." "God took that person from you so you'll be closer to Him." "Cling to God." Does God really go around picking people to take so He can have them with Him in Heaven? To teach us a lesson? I don't think God is that selfish. He's not selfish at all really. I can of course find comfort with God during difficult times. I just don't believe that God "takes" people to teach others a lesson, to use the families as a testimony. We are a living testimony. Our lives are testimonies. Not our deaths. Life is short. Death certainly makes us realize that. We wish we had more time. We wish we would have done more, said more, been more. People are important. All people. Young and old. Especially old.