Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's on...

well, the weightloss extravaganza has officially begun. chris and i weighed in on saturday and every saturday will be a weigh in day. while chris has lost 3 pounds doing pretty much nothing, i've decided NOT to step on the scale every single day due to the disappointment it causes me. so i've decided to wait until saturday. plus i've convinced myself that a person's weight can fluctuate 5 pounds on any given day. chris refuses to believe this though. anywho, i went out and bought a scale for the first time in my adult life. i snagged one at bed bath and beyond for $14.99 b/c it was the display model. and it's digital, which i think has it's downfalls. i really don't need to know what's after that point! i'd rather round down!'s what i've been doing so far. i've decided to keep a record of it this way just b/c i'm a faster typer than writer and it will be well documented.

saturday 3/6-walked daisy to the park by our house. i clocked it in the car to the entrance of the park and back is 1.1 miles, BUT i walked into the park and did the loop trail which i don't know the exact milage of but i am estimating a total round trip of 2 miles.

monday 3/8-walked daisy again to the park and back. went to the community center which is FREE and got my ID. did 30 minutes on the stationery bike and 30 reps on this pull down thing you do with your arms. i got a class schedule, too. THEN when i got back it was so beautiful outside, chris and i took cannon for a walk on the SCT. thankfully they have mile markers there and we walked 3 miles! now needless to say i was pretty pooped after that eventful day. i think i overdid it actually considering i haven't exercised really in almost a year due to the pregnancy and birthing of the baby.

tuesday 3/9-walked daisy again. she is loving this! then burned lots of calories cleaning and rearranging furniture.

wednesday 3/10- rainy day:( but it was nice to sleep in when it's raining outside. so i broke out the pilates video that i've had for probably 6 years, but hey it still works. i used to do this video pretty regularly and was surprised today at how little flexibility i have left. plus it was hard to do some of the exercises over the pillow which is my belly. i do always feel nice and stretched afterwards and it really helps with breathing. so i'll keep doing it. there is also a part to the video that involves weights which i'm thinking about doing. i'm also contemplating busting out the carmen electra video! and maybe a class tonight at the community center. sorry daisy, no walk today. well, time to feed the baby=more calories burned! thanks, cannon!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the motivator.

at school we have this paragraph, well it's more like an essay called "the motivator." it's one of those things kids have to write when their discipline is lacking. it starts off, "i am in school to learn..." and goes on mentioning things like success and education and being the best you can be. the kids read it and copy it in hopes that some of the words will sink in. however, most are capable of copying the whole thing, which takes up their notebook paper front and back, without being able to tell you one thing they have written. does it work? well, it works in the sense that they straighten up thier attitude so they won't have to write "the motivator" anymore. does it help them want to reach for the stars and strive for achievement? probably not. they're ten.

i'm thinking i need a "motivator."

chris and i have a bet going. a weight loss bet. i'm still carrying around the weight of two more babies! last week we went on vacation. we walked or rode our bikes every day! one day we walked over 5 miles! i almost didn't make it on that day...i was on the verge of flagging down the elderly in their golf carts. seriously two senior citizens passed me on foot. i am slowly getting back out there. then we got home and stuck back in this hustle and bustle of everday life. the day flies and before i know it it's dark and i'm too pooped to play. but i feel like scarlett o'hara. tomorrow is another day.

i am going to put down the m&ms and wipe the dust off my carmen electra "fit to strip" dvd! or i will have to write "the MOTIVATOR"!