Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some thoughts on Cannon....

I usually find it annoying when mothers talk in first person as if they were the baby, but I've found myself doing it, too. Let's just face it--it's more fun that way! I used to think it silly when mothers would write facts about their babies as if they were writing to them, using the pronoun "you" instead of "he" or "she." But here I am doing it too!

I want to write down the little stuff before I forget. My mom is always telling me how she wishes she could remember certain things like when I first smiled or rolled over. She wishes she had written it down. Funny how "writing it down" isn't so literal anymore. So, I'm "blogging it down" I guess. Maybe I'll get around to making one of those cute baby books some day!

First off, Cannon, you are getting so big!! You only weighed 7-7 when you was born despite everyone's concern for you being quite a large baby (Daddy weighed 12-13!). You were born a puny little thing comparatively. One week later, at your first check up, you weight 7-11.

We had to take you to the doctor for an old snotty nose when you were three weeks old and you weighed a whopping 9-2 (granted you had a full diaper, but Mommy and Daddy were still so proud of how big you were!).

At your one month check up (which was really at about 6 weeks) you weighed 10-15! And at your two month check up (around 9 weeks) you weighed 12-15! You have been in the 75th%ile for weight and your head size...well, you take after Mommy's big head....was in the 100th %ile. You had to get some shots at that 2 month appointment. It was really pitiful. You were just cooing and smiling at the nurse and out of nowhere something got you!

Now you are over 3 months old (15 weeks tomorrow) and I'm thinking you weigh a good 15 or 16 pounds! You've outgrown those size one diapers and most of your 3 months clothes. You are getting so long! I got the measuring tape out and you are 2 feet long! You can't even stretch out in your sleepers so we had to buy you some 6 months clothes!

You can hold your head up pretty good now. It's still a little wobbly, but I think that is just due to it's massive size! It's hard to hold up all those brains! We are still working on rolling over. You LOVE your mobile! Your face just lights up whenever it comes on and sometimes you start fussing when it stops just so Mommy or Daddy will start it up again! You've been smiling now for a little over a month. Mommy is learning new tricks to get you to smile. Sometimes in the morning all I have to do is talk to you and your face lights up. You sure do wake up in a good mood now! You wake up talking to your mobile and sometimes you fall asleep talking to your mobile. Lately you've liked when i blow in your face. You have the cutest reaction. Mommy has got to get a video camera! You love your sleep. Boy do you get cranky when you are tired! I think you get that from Mommy too! You have been sleeping good at night too. You go to bed around 8. We let you get good and asleep on your belly then we flip you over. Sometimes you can sleep until 5 or 6, but of course last week when Mommy had to go to work you were waking up at 4:30. So close! You've never really been a fan of the swaddle, but it seemed like a sin in Mommy World not to swaddle you! When you were really little I would leave one arm out for you because you always managed to get it up by your face. Then I started leaving 2 arms out for you. Then one day I went in and you had your arms and legs out of that swaddle! Let's face it you are a sprawler when you sleep! That must come from Daddy because he is always hogging the bed! Since Mommy started going back to work I've been putting you in the bed with Daddy after I feed you. You like to go back to sleep for your morning nap. You usually sleep until 8 or so. Mommy sure does not like leaving you in the mornings, but I know Daddy is taking good care of you. And there are only 6 more weeks til summer vacation and we can spend all day together again!

During the day you and Daddy have a lot of fun. Daddy reads to you and makes up songs for you on the guitar. He even manages to do some laundry. You've started trying to copy some of the sounds Daddy makes for you. You are so smart!

You don't seem to mind the bath. it's more like a shower I guess. You don't smile, but you don't fuss either. I think you are still trying to figure out what's going on. And boy do you LOVE to be naked. Whenever I take your clothes off to change them and then take your diaper off, you do a little naked dance! You start kicking your legs and making all sorts of noise! It's quite entertaining. Mommy has to be careful so you don't pee on me!

We've already made lots of family memories since you've been born. You've been quite've been to the beach and the mountains already! And you love going to grandmama's and granddaddy's house in the country! You are a good sport and a really good baby. You are the best Christmas present ever!