Monday, March 30, 2009

Masta D

So, you've probably seen those ridiculously silly billboards with the Snickers commercials? i.e. Sir Snacks-a-lot, Master P-nut, etc. Corny as corn on the cob. Well, you can just call me Masta D, cuz i'm done, son. That's right, I'm an offical master's degree holder. Now, how 'bout that raise? Which I will certainly need since apparently we're receiving a 2% paycut for the upcoming year. Budget cuts, budget cuts....blah, blah....BUT the good news (according to the board) is that we will still receive 98% of our salary. Whooppee. Thank goodness they did that math for me! I'm gonna have to get a 2nd job to pay off the Gs I borrowed to get the degree in the first place!

A sad is the last day of my bowling league:( What am I going to do on Mondays now?? The good news is I get my very own customized bowling ball drilled to fit my fingers precisely and we're having pizza party today! Bowling alley pizza...YES!!

Exciting notes.....babies! I just became an "auntie!" Now, I know that technically I am not my cousin's baby's aunt, but to this one I am! And I am going to be an "auntie" again in july, august, september, and october consecutively! Lots of babies being born! Lots of boys so far. Come on Chinese calendar!!