Friday, September 17, 2010

Seems like only yesterday....

Cannon is almost nine months old. Good grief. Stop growing so fast little boy! Though it's been 3/4 of a year already...we've seen winter, spring, and seems like only yesterday that my baby boy was born. And I still get teary thinking about it. He amazes me everyday. I often say to Chris, "Can you believe he's ours?" "Can you believe he was inside of me this time last year?" The miracle of birth baffles me. So, when people use the term "miracle baby" I want to pipe up and proclaim that ALL babies are miracle babies. Yes, some of them have had rougher starts than others, but the "miracle of life" is called that for good reason.

A year is really such a short amount of time. I can recall very easily what was going on around this time last year. A flood for one! Other good friends giving birth. It bothers me when people say things like, "Oh, he's getting so big. He won't be a baby much longer." So people go to the extreme to tell me he's not a baby anymore right now! If he's not a baby, then what is he? He can't even walk or talk. I guess the actual birth of my baby is old news to most people, but it's not old news to me! I haven't even recovered 100%! My scar is still pink and sometimes tender to the touch not to mention the ten extra pounds I'm still carrying around (most of which is probably the weight of milk). People want to hear about things exciting and new. It still feels new to me. I haven't even finished thank you notes or sent out birth announcements yet! That's bad I know! Sorry Emily Post! But like I said it feels so recent to me.

And why don't people get as excited about the second baby as the first. Why do people react with "Wow, pregnant again so soon?" When the whole time the first baby was just a baby they were asking, "So, when's the next one coming?" I'm convinced people just want something to talk about. That's why the baby business and the wedding business will never go out of business. P.S. I'm not pregnant!

So, this blog may have turned into a blahg..... But Fall is getting close and I have the whole week off!!!! to spend with my BABY boy!