Monday, August 30, 2010

For the SOBs at Home Depot....

I was that mom today. So, I got Cannon one of those umbrella strollers thinking he's love it since he would be able to see where he was going and everything. And he did love for about five minutes in Home Depot today. I had to get some paint. At Home Depot. By myself. With a baby. Going out alone with a baby is always unpredictable. It can be blissful or painful. Cannon is in that stage where he semi-shrieks if you take anything away from him that he wants. Sorry, son, for taking away the paint samples! And the car keys. Lately nine times out of ten I've ended up carrying him around in stores as opposed to enjoying a nice stroll. So baby in one hand, stroller in the other. I'm looking at paint samples one-handed for like thirty minutes. NO ONE apparently wants to help a lady with a cranky baby. I finally make some choices and replace the soggy, slobbery paint samples with fresh dry ones. I wait patiently at the paint counter on the guy who seems to be pretending to be busy. "I'll be with you in just a minute ma'am." Oh, thank you for finally acknowledging me. I had some questions about which coating I should get. "Just walk right over here to the display, ma'am. What are your questions?" Either this guy had a lazy eye or he just explained the differences between the paints to my bosom. Whatever. It will be about fifteen minutes to mix the paints. I stroll around the appliance section. A few people stop to tell me how cute Cannon is. Obviously. I pace back by the paint counter a couple times. Your paints ready, ma'am. That's a lot of paint. You might better get a buggy. Gee, thanks. No problem pushing a stroller and a buggy at the same time. Why don't you get it for me, Mr. Paint Man? That would be a nice gesture. I mosey on over to find a buggy . I'm pushing the stroller and attempting to pull the buggy by the handle behind me. A nice Home Depot man offers me the wonderful advice that if I turn the buggy around I can pull it easier. Thank you, empty handed, Home Depot Man for that sound advice. So, I turn it around and he's right. It pulls easier. I load the paint (all seven cans) into the buggy. A couple of EMPTY-HANDED, wandering Home Depot workers smile at me as I'm pulling my buggy of paint and pushing my baby in his stroller to the cash register. Surely someone is going to offer to help me to my car like they do at Publix. NADA. However, one Home Depot worker does comment as I'm pulling my buggy of paint and pushing my finally sleeping baby to the parking lot that "Man, you gotta lotta work to do." Thank you for noticing.

Friday, August 27, 2010


So, Chris and his dad are working hard at the new house: ripping up carpet, moving the water heater, etc. Last night I go to get them some BBQ from a local BBQ restaurant. I take Cannon with me because he is in need of a nap and I know he'll fall asleep in the car plus I just want to spend time with my baby and let Chris and his dad get back to work. Of course he falls asleep in the car so I park close to the "to-go" entrance of the restaurant and take him inside in his carrier still asleep. No one is at the counter so I look over the menu. In bursts a very loud man through the door and shouts "Anybody home?" Luckily Cannon is sleeping hard and once the man realizes there's a sleeping baby in these tight quarters he apologizes, but still doesn't really get any quieter. That's OK I'm very used to people not respecting the needs of babies. So, I'm there first right? He doesn't acknowledge that or ask if I've ordered. Nor does the cashier that finally comes around. I say nothing. I'm not about that. I order next and when my food arrives I have to ask for every little thing. I have three BBQ plates and a gallon of sweet tea. I ask for some ketchup. I ask for some BBQ sauce. I ask for three cups. I ask for another plastic bag. I mean I have to carry all this out to my car and a baby! I feel bad asking for anything else. I fill the cups with ice, get my own napkins and am trying to stuff all this in the extra bag. Finally a nice young teenager asks if he can help me to my car! An older man that had come in later pipes up, "I was wondering how she was gonna carry all that. I was just waiting to see what she did." Well, let me tell you I could have done it! I can use the bathroom holding a baby and breastfeed standing up in a stall, mister! I kindly accepted the boy's help and thanked him alot. But why did it take so long for someone to offer to help? I guess it just surprised me because this is the type of place that is supposed to portray small town charm. I'm plenty independent, but am also still very grateful for people who take time to open doors for strangers or help old ladies with their groceries. Now, I'm not that old, but I did have quite the load! So thank you to the nice young man at BBQ Street who despite is young age is still a little old fashioned.

Friday, August 6, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

It's hard to believe that we were all once innocent creatures. Did our parents really love us as much as we love our children? It's hard to fathom. I love my little boy more and more each day and I'm certain that love will continue to grow. If this is true of all parents, could it be that my parents in fact love me more than I love my own child? I don't think so! I'm in awe of the love and sweetness that is portrayed in Cannon's eyes. His smile. I can tell he loves me so much. The way his face lights up and his arms start flapping when I talk to him. What if I still flapped my arms when I saw my mom? I'm sure it would fill her heart with joy still. My mom's just like that. But year by year innocence is lost. He doesn't know that though. I know that ten years from now instead of laughing with his eyes he'll probably be rolling his eyes at me. And I know I'll love him all the same. I believe there's nothing like a mother's love for her child. I believe that all mothers love their children, though I witness every day the neglect and heartache of hundreds of children. I've come to the conclusion that maybe not all mothers know how to show their love to their children. Maybe they become consumed by the evils of the world and give in to selfish ways. Maybe they believe that their children don't need them anymore. Children will always need their mothers. It doesn't matter how young or old.

I hear people say all the time to enjoy this stage while it lasts. They grow too fast. They won't be babies for long. It's very true. I can't believe eight months has passed and I still haven't written all my thank you notes! But I still don't necessarily like to hear it. He's getting so big...time for another one. Like the fact that he's not a little baby anymore needs to be replaced with a newborn. He's still just a baby! He is growing so fast and these precious moments are fleeting, but I'm trying to take it all in. I've even had people say things like oh it's cute now, but just wait til they start talking back. Really? Why are people so quick to point out the negative? Am I really going to look at Cannon as a teenager and forget how sweet he is as a baby? Maybe...but I sure hope not! I believe children are a product of their environments. I hope and pray that Cannon's environment helps nurture him in every way possible and that he will always know just how much his mommy loves him forever and ever and ever with all my heart:)